From New Ownership to Expanded Partnerships – The PSI Team had a Year Filled with Change and Opportunity

The team at PSI has encountered significant change over the last year, leading with the succession of ownership to Monty Ragland, President and CEO, and Monica Dominic, Chief Client Officer. After several years of planning and strategizing, the senior’d team members proudly took the helm and are steering the team towards a promising future.

That wasn’t the only highlight, however. The team also engaged in new community service partnerships, acquired new clients, and experienced significant growth. The year 2022 was dedicated to taking chances, trying new things, and testing the waters for the new owners. And as far as we are concerned, the risk was well worth it in the end. The team shared their perspectives on highlights from 2022, challenges, and lessons learned that will drive the course for the new year.

“In 2022, I learned to always be thankful, and resilient as change is a constant,” said Monty Ragland. “What stood out to me the most this year was the long-awaited acquisition of PSI. Monica and I have been working towards this for several years and were beyond elated to see it all finally come together. We also had several philanthropic efforts that allowed us to better serve our community, and increased our impact for students at the Ohio State School for the Blind and the Ohio State School for the Deaf. It has been a year to remember to say the least. We look forward for new adventures in 2023 and continuing to grow our team to best serve our clients.”

Monty Ragland, President & CEO

“Of the 5 years that I’ve been at PSI, this is the strongest our team has been. The recruiters work well together and make sure that the best candidate is put in front of the client. The sales team is bringing in new opportunities for the recruiters to improve our overall business.”

Heather Virost, PSI Office Manager

“This team is the most adaptable team that I have had the pleasure to work with. Each day has it’s own challenges, but this team is great in meeting and overcoming those challenges.”

Frank Brown, PSI Talent Acquisition Specialist

“A lesson I have learned is to speak positively in my everyday efforts and to keep the same amount of energy and effort, even during the ebbs and flows of shifting amounts of work volume/number of reqs available to work on.”

Patrice Johnson, Talent Acquisition Specialist

“After meeting with the amazing PSI leadership and recruiting team several times, each time I was left with the feeling of belonging and a sense of family. This is my happy place.”

Stefanie Gohring, PSI Account Manager

“The biggest highlight of 2022 was the purchasing of PSI! Monty and I have been dreaming about and planning for this for a really long time. It’s a thrill to bring our expertise to the forefront and lead this amazing team. This process has taught me a significant lesson in patience, and allowing things to work out how they are intended. I look forward to bringing this perspective into the new year to continue to grow and build our team at PSI.”

Monica Dominic, Chief Client Officer