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PSI has proven success across a wide variety of industries with strong presence in education, retail and other key industries found in Central Ohio. We understand that each industry has a unique set of challenges and requirements; therefore, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and accelerate your success.

We improve how your company leverages technology to solve business problems


Outside influences such as technology, budget restrictions and a changing labor market are forcing evolution within educational institutions. PSI can help you face these challenges and create a path of advancement that is unique to your specific institution. We evaluate opportunities and develop solutions that generate strong, sustainable gains in student performance, cost management and an increase in business performance. View Case Studies


Shifts in the energy industry are inspiring new technology, tighter regulations and customer change, leading companies to reconsider the future of their businesses. Our methodologies and technology solutions increase productivity and performance by renewing processes and integrating best-in-class methods, encouraging your business to overcome its challenges. View Case Studies


Regulatory compliance, increasing competition, process adoption and disruptive technologies are all key challenges for the financial services industry. In order to continue industry growth, organizations must recognize and address these key business imperatives. At PSI, our expertise drives clear strategy and business operations models that lead to maximum success. We accommodate our offerings to fit your needs and pursue opportunities that shape your company’s sustainable growth. We are confident in our capabilities that can help you process innovation, encourage operational excellence, improve performance and implement and monitor change.


At PSI we help our public sector clients develop economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our solutions face these challenges head on, helping government agencies achieve operational efficiencies, realize cost-savings and meet the expectations of their stakeholders and the public. We understand the realities of government climate and are skilled in providing solutions to legislative changes, budget constraints, talent acquisition and retention, and other unavoidable difficulties that impact delivery of quality services to the public. View Case Studies


Healthcare reform, shifting business models, data privacy and cost containment are all examples of challenges to this industry. These challenges are forcing organizations to reevaluate their business models and strategic objectives for continued growth. PSI provides solutions that deliver results and promote industry advancement. We create strategies that improve CX, which transforms into growth. Our range of services support healthcare organizations in building better population health outcomes and addressing critical needs, leading to optimal patient care. View Case Studies


An evolving insurance marketplace is challenging traditional industry practices. Demographic shifts, a rise in the power of the emerging markets, disruption from tech-savvy new entries and changing buyer behaviors are reshaping the sector’s future.PSI creates unique solutions to propel your business to the front of the curve. How? Through innovative mobile strategy, user experience, architecture roadmap and design, and Enterprise Integration and service-oriented architecture. Our solutions help improve mobility competitiveness, evolve outdated processes and systems and remove barriers that impede business growth.


The manufacturing sector continues to face new challenges and concerns. From increasing regulation and compliance measures, to a manufacturing skills gap, to balancing maintenance with throughput, our knowledge and expertise delivers results that improve business outcomes and improve bottom lines. View Case Studies

Retail & Restaurant

The retail industry is facing a radical evolution, due in part to e-commerce innovation and personalized customer expectations. At PSI, we survey the broad landscape of your business and help mold your current strategy into an agile retail model that works with these new challenges, not against them. By focusing on customer experience—the heart of retail—we are able to envision the future of your company and develop solutions that transform your business into a successful, cutting-edge retail force. View Case Studies

Travel & Tourism

Industry Trends

As the IT industry evolves with lightning speed, PSI brings you a front row seat to industry trends including key data and analytics, highlights from the employment market, and more. The following articles are provided in partnership with TechServe Alliance, the premier association for the IT and engineering staffing and solutions industry.

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