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Community Responsibility is a continuing commitment by PSI to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of our local community and society at large through the “PSI Gives” Program.

PSI Leaders Highlight Importance of Community Advocacy
PSI Leaders Highlight Importance of Community Advocacy

Set the Standard for Servant Leadership in Columbus

Columbus, OH – March 19, 2024        Monty Ragland, Owner, President and CEO, and Monica Dominic, Owner and Chief Client Officer, of Proteam Solutions Inc. (PSI), a leading Columbus-based IT Consulting and Staffing firm, have been appointed to executive board positions within prominent community organizations. 

Monty now serves as the Vice Chair of the Community Board at COSI, while Monica Dominic has been appointed as a board member of the Columbus Chamber. These appointments not only highlight the crucial role of community advocacy in leadership positions but also demonstrate PSI’s commitment to diversity and inclusion as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

“At PSI, we believe that community service is part of the cost of being a steward of your community and a requirement to be a part of the PSI team,” said Ragland.

The leadership team’s commitment to philanthropy and community involvement serves as a guiding principle not just for the PSI team, but for the greater Columbus community, reflecting the company’s core values and culture. With Monty and Monica actively engaged in leadership roles within key community organizations, PSI sets an undeniable example for its employees. By participating in community initiatives, the team demonstrates PSI’s commitment to giving back to the community it serves, aligning with the company’s mission to be a steward of positive change. To learn more, visit

About PSI

Established in 1992, PSI (Proteam Solutions Inc.) has grown from a one-man start up to a multi-million-dollar IT Staffing and Consulting firm. PSI’s dedicated team strives to provide world-class service to clients and the community, solve challenging issues to drive profitable growth, and invest the time and attention needed to deliver the right solution, every time. ###

Building Stronger Teams through Social Responsibility
Building Stronger Teams through Social Responsibility

“At PSI we believe that community service is part of the cost of being a steward of your community and a requirement to be a part of the PSI team.” stated Monty Ragland, PSI Chief Executive Officer.

Each quarter PSI leadership shuts the office down for a half day to engage in a PSI Gives community service event to allow the team the opportunity to connect outside of the office, support area non-profits, and enhance morale. Engaging in local philanthropy efforts empowers PSI team members to focus on something bigger than themselves. Whether it’s assembling food packages or aiding the homeless, these actions fill the team with pride and a greater sense of purpose. Following each opportunity, leadership takes the team out to review and reflect on the day’s events.

“By providing opportunities for employees to give back to their communities, we create a more engaged, motivated, and fulfilled workforce,” said Ragland. “By demonstrating a commitment to values, purpose, growth, and positive impact, PSI promotes a work environment for those who want to make a difference while advancing their careers.” 

Fostering Skill Development and Personal Growth

In today’s competitive job market, community service can set a team apart from the competition and send a clear message to potential employees and clients that PSI values the community with which they serve. Top talent is often drawn to organizations that prioritize corporate social responsibility.

“Our community service efforts encourage personal growth and skill development,” said Monica Dominic, PSI Chief Client Officer. “Employees often find themselves improving communication skills, stepping outside their comfort zones, and honing new talents while being of service.”

PSI Gives service initiatives not only encourage collaboration but also foster strong bonds among employees, expanding beyond the usual work tasks and improving the corporate ecosystem.

“We actively encourage our team to take time off for these activities and even allow them to bring their preferred non-profits into the fold,” said Dominic. “They can put their focus in a direction they are passionate about. In addition, all the work we do is as a team. We work together, we build together, we help together.”

Broadening Perspectives

The PSI team strongly feels that encouraging and respecting diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives leads to innovative problem solving and exceptional client outcomes. Community service exposes employees to societal issues and challenges, broadening their horizons and perspective on the world at large. As teams step outside of their comfort zones and engage with the community, they gain a deeper understanding of what it means to make a positive impact.

“PSI’s commitment to giving back is a journey taken on with passion and purpose, one that defines who we are as a company. The impact is invaluable. It shows the community and the companies in our community that we are committed to social responsibility and not just focused on making money,” said Dominic.

PSI’s impact of community service goes far beyond dollars and cents; it cements the organization’s reputation as a community-focused corporation. It signals to the central Ohio workforce and peers in the industry that PSI puts people first.

“Our PSI Gives service initiatives contribute to stronger bonds with local stakeholders and customers,” stated Dominic. “These endeavors demonstrate that PSI isn’t solely motivated by financial success; we’re driven by a genuine desire to create a meaningful impact. It also signifies our commitment to our employees, enhancing trust and loyalty.”

As PSI continues to grow and evolve, the mission and values will remain, along with a focus to contribute to an enduring community that thrives because of its strong partnerships. PSI’s motto, “Driven to Serve, Solve, Deliver,” is more than just words; it’s a guiding philosophy. To learn more about PSI Gives, visit

A Time for Giving
A Time for Giving

This fall, the PSI Gives team fully embraced the meaning of the season by participating in multiple volunteer efforts to support central Ohio throughout the holidays. From Dancing with the Columbus Stars, to packing meals for families in need, the team made it a priority to give thanks, and give back.

About Byron Saunders Foundation

Leading up to Thanksgiving, PSI partnered with the Byron Saunders Foundation, a nonprofit fueled 100 percent by volunteer support. Founded by President & CEO Brian Wollenberg, the Foundation works to feed thousands of Ohio families during Thanksgiving. We spoke with Brian to learn more about the goals of the Foundation, and how PSI Gives has helped the organization to reach its goals this year.

“I started the Foundation because I always wanted to give back and it was in my heart,” said Brian. “I just never knew exactly what it was, until I met a lady named Marty Muncy that did Adopt A Family in Groveport. We became good friends and it was her idea to try Thanksgiving.”

Since its inception 25 years ago, backed by contributions from area businesses like PSI, the Foundation has been able to feed over 30,000 families. During the holiday months, the need for assistance to families tends to increase. For 2023 the Foundation’s goal was to reach over 5,000 families, following an impactful 2022 when the nonprofit supported 4,945 families.

Partnering with PSI Gives

It is with community support through volunteer time, food and monetary donations that the Foundation is able to positively impact a significant amount of families each year.

“We connected with Monica [Dominic, PSI Chief Client Officer] through the Dancing with the Columbus Stars Event, which is Byron Saunders Foundation’s main fundraising event,” said Brian. 

Monica Dominic and Colton Hutton, professional dance instructor at the 2022 Dancing with the Columbus Stars

Monica partnered with professional dance instructor Colton Hutton at the event, surpassing their competition with 22,781 total votes from the vast audiences. The event featured food, dancing, and fundraising opportunities to benefit the Byron Saunders Foundation.

“Through the help of community partners, I was able to raise almost $23,000,” said Monica.

Building Thanksgiving Meals for Families

Following Dancing with the Columbus Stars, the team came together to further support the Foundation by building boxes to feed families of four for Thanksgiving. These boxes also included a $20 Kroger gift card to go towards the purchase of a turkey. Brian explained that the partnership with PSI Gives assisted in more ways than one, such as added awareness, volunteering, and fundraising.

“We were able to build boxes to feed families using the money raised and bring this effort full circle. The PSI team fed over 200 families in a three hour volunteer time.”

Monica Dominic, PSI Chief Client Officer

“When a business like PSI is volunteering it’s so supportive,” Brian said. “It supports us with our process and brings their team together, creating amazing results.”

During their coordinated volunteer time, PSI assisted with sorting of inventory and making meals. Individuals interested in contributing to the Byron Saunders Foundation outreach efforts are encouraged to connect with Brian Wallenberg to discuss opportunities. Current openings include board and committee member positions, amongst others.

“It’s also great to have a conversation and see how involved you may want to be,” said Brian. “We are always looking for volunteers.” For more information on how you can make a positive impact this holiday season and help families in need, visit

PSI GIVES Supports ZeroWaste Initiative at COSI Science Festival 
PSI GIVES Supports ZeroWaste Initiative at COSI Science Festival 

PSI Gives Community Outreach Team volunteered at the COSI Science Festival downtown Columbus May 4th– 7th, which featured an exciting variety of events at multiple locations the community. 

“You’ve heard of an art festival, a wine festival, probably even the macaroni and cheese festival – but this is the first science festival!” exclaimed Jessica Body, COSI Director of Major Gifts. “The first three days, partners of all kinds, invited adults and youth alike to learn how fascinating STEM topics, organizations, and careers can be.” 

Over 100 partners from school clubs to NASA made an appearance at the Big Science Celebration on the final day of the festival to showcase how science shows up in almost everything we do. 

The PSI volunteer team supported the ZeroWaste initiative, which is the diversion of 90% of discarded material from the landfill through reuse, recycling, and composting. PSI helped COSI to serve tens of thousands of people in a way that was cognizant of impact and authentic to the organization’s values.

Service-Oriented Leadership

“PSI comes to COSI without ego, and with service-oriented leadership,” said Body. “PSI volunteers get done what needs to get done – even when it’s not an action that provides great public recognition or is a glamorous job!” 

The goals of the event were to increase exposure and access to science and teach participants of all ages that science is fun and important in our daily lives. In conjunction with local governments, schools, private and nonprofit organizations around the world, attendees were able to experience awe and contribute to research.  

“The Columbus Science Festival was meant to expose Central Ohio to how STEM is part of everyone’s everyday lives and activities,” commented Monty Ragland, PSI President and COO. “As an organization whose focus is delivering technology subject matter expertise, our partnership with COSI and it’s STEM workforce development efforts is a perfect match.”

A Lasting Partnership

PSI helped the COSI team build some of their first Learning Lunchboxes when the organization closed due to the pandemic. The Learning Lunchboxes are one of COSI’s most critical and impactful ways to reach students beyond the building. 

“The impact and engagement of these STEM events will be amplified by the distribution of COSI Learning Lunchbox education kits,” said Boyd. 

Learning Lunchboxes are interactive science kits filled with all supplies needed for five fun STEM activities and additional exciting learning resources. Fun for the whole family and perfect for school-age learners, all Learning Lunchbox content is aligned with national learning guidelines and standards.

About PSI Gives 

PSI proudly encourages our full-time team members and contract IT talent to support our community in volunteer activities throughout the year. 

“We encourage all of our team members to join in community outreach efforts,” stated Monica Dominic, PSI Vice President of Client Success. “Traditionally, PSI closes the office for a half day to allow team members to participate on service days.” 

In order to ensure everyone has the ability to participate without conflicting with client needs, PSI also schedules weekend volunteer events.  

“Our contractors started expressing interest in supporting the community, so we made it happen,” said Dominic. “We arranged a Saturday service day and allowed any of our contractors to come support. It was a hit and will be done again. Be on the lookout for the next weekend volunteer opportunity and make sure to express your interest!”

Community Responsibility is a continuing commitment by PSI to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of our local community and society at large through the “PSI Gives” Program.

PSI Partners with Ronald McDonald House to Serve Meals to Parents of Hospitalized Children
PSI Partners with Ronald McDonald House to Serve Meals to Parents of Hospitalized Children

PSI celebrated spring this year in true community fashion by collaborating with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio, a long time PSI Gives partner. Families involved with the Ronald McDonald House have one or more children undergoing care at the nearby Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The PSI team had the pleasure of serving the families at the organization a well-rounded meal through the Team Cuisine Program. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio is located across the street from Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The facility, staff, and volunteers at Ronald McDonald House provide free accommodations and food for families whose children are patients at the hospital. Their services allow parents who are far from home to stay close to their hospitalized child and benefit from the comforts of home without incurring hotel and food costs. “By partaking in our Team Cuisine Program, PSI has helped the Program grow more and even better,” said Blair Arms, Chef of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio. “They provided a great meal for the families and for that RMHC is very grateful for their partnership and support of Team Cuisine.” By providing a meal and place to stay for the families, Ronald McDonald House hopes to relieve some of the stress parents and siblings are experiencing by absorbing a portion of the responsibilities and costs that can be incurred when away from home. “We do not charge the families staying at RMHC,” said Blair. “The goal is to help them in any way we can so that they can focus on their child in the hospital.” During their time at the organization the PSI team planned a meal for Team Cuisine volunteers. They prepped, cooked, and served the lunch to family participants including tuna melts, grilled cheese, and soup. “The RMDH is an awesome organization in Columbus, Ohio and is actually the second largest in the country,” said Monica Dominic, PSI Vice President of Customer Success. “Knowing that we can help families who need some extra love, attention, and compassion falls right in line with what PSI employees aim to do through PSI Gives. PSI is all about supporting the community that has supported us. We want to help organizations in need in our community and we are fortunate that there are so many wonderful ones to choose from.” During previous volunteer opportunities with Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio, PSI has helped clean and ready rooms for incoming families. Sometime in April the team will be returning to make “Snack Packs” for the families. This allows participants to grab a quick bite and bring it with them to their room or to the hospital. “I have two goals that I always try to achieve [through volunteer events],” said Blair. “The first one is to provide a delicious meal for the families, and the second one is to teach a volunteer something new in the kitchen that they can utilize at home. I believe both goals were met.” RMHC provides more than 1.4 million overnight stays each year, helping families save nearly over $443 million in lodging and meal expenses. RMHC believes it is the diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences that each member of the global organization brings to the table everyday that allow the organization to provide the care and support that children and their families need. Additional services the nonprofit provides include Ronald McDonald Family Room programs, which offer a quiet respite for all families right in the hospital, and Ronald McDonald Care Mobile programs, which bring fundamental medical and dental care to underserved communities. RMHC believes that no family should have to deal with their child’s medical crisis alone. Participation with RMHC can make a big difference whether it’s holding a fundraiser for the global organization or volunteering with the Central Ohio chapter. Community responsibility is a continuing commitment by PSI to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of our local community through the “PSI Gives” Program. If your organization is in need of volunteer support, contact today. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” -Muhammad Ali.  

IMPACT’ing the Community
IMPACT’ing the Community

In August the PSI team traveled down to IMPACT Community Action in central Columbus to help distribute fresh produce to community members in need. IMPACT Community Action’s mission is “to fight poverty by providing hope-inspiring help and real opportunities for self-sufficiency.”

IMPACT’s call to action is the “ripple effect” — the repercussions of an event or situation experienced far beyond its immediate location. Moreover, IMPACT’s brand identity was inspired by the following quote from Senator Robert F. Kennedy …

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

At the community produce market PSI had the pleasure of working alongside several inspiring, dedicated IMPACT team members who shared with us what drives them to serve their mission. “At IMPACT we are all about the ripple effect and in this sense it is to make sure all the people in our community are eating,” commented Cherokee Smith, IMPACT Team Member. We are all about helping our community.” Cherokee’s focus with IMPACT is workforce development which can include a myriad of services such as coaching students though school, helping someone to get a license, providing access to work scrubs – whatever a community member needs who is involved in an IMPACT program Cherokee advocates for. IMPACT provides a variety of programs to build up youth and young adults in the community through workforce development. For example, one program is a three-week course teaching critical skills and techniques to help restored citizens re-enter society, reduce recidivism and confront significant barriers to self-sufficiency. Another example is the Roads2Work program which provides participants the opportunity to earn the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Training Program. This program offers certified driver and life skills training, one-on-one coaching with a self-sufficiency coordinator, and other supportive services. As part of PSI’s give-back mission, we strive to elevate our community by spreading information and opportunities within the field of technology. By partnering with IMPACT on the community market, we had the opportunity to nourish families with healthy produce, and have those conversations about the various avenues individuals can go down through technology. IMPACT actually has an IT program which is a great opportunity for eligible Franklin County residents seeking to enter the IT field. Through the partnership of IMPACT Community Action and Pyramid CDC. Community Responsibility is a continuing commitment by PSI to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of our local community and society at large through the “PSI Gives” Program. “Without our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to serve the community,” said Kevin Jones, IMPACT team member. “It matters no matter who you are. We are glad to have everybody be a part of this project with us. We serve over 2,500 people a month.” To get an inside look on PSI on location spreading volunteerism, check out the video footage: .

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