What is a JAaM Session?

While concepts of whiteboards and facilitation are indeed present, the focus of a PSI JAaM (Joint Analysis and Modeling) Session is on driving a thought-provoking encounter designed to uncover business needs and create the beginning “brush strokes” of your IT strategy. Often, the best ideas come from the unscripted and unexpected interactions of a JAaM Session. That’s why it’s designed to be an open, collaborative environment that encourages risk-taking without the fear of rejection or judgement. Just like their musical counterparts, our JAaM Sessions are:





Why it Works

JAaM Sessions strive to create cross-functional collaboration around the organizational vision, and explore how specific business models support that vision. We do this to uncover the processes and functions within the organization and expand the technological frameworks that enable them.

What to Expect

During the session we seek to understand existing versus desired workflows. It includes discussion on the business rules that enforce regulatory and quality compliance, and conclude with an As-Is versus To-Be conversation and a range of other topics. The session begins with a wide view followed by deep dives as time permits.

Who Should Attend

The JAaM session is a business session. Attendees are solely based on the culture of the organization, however; ideally include leaders from each strategic business area. The session enables participants to drive the business narrative using suggestions to prioritize actions, create value and gain buy-in.

How it Delivers

PSI expects to position your organization at minimum one step, but hopefully several steps closer to crafting and implementing a strategy that maximizes your technology investment and achieves your business goals.

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