“At PSI we believe that community service is part of the cost of being a steward of your community and a requirement to be a part of the PSI team.” stated Monty Ragland, PSI Chief Executive Officer.

Each quarter PSI leadership shuts the office down for a half day to engage in a PSI Gives community service event to allow the team the opportunity to connect outside of the office, support area non-profits, and enhance morale. Engaging in local philanthropy efforts empowers PSI team members to focus on something bigger than themselves. Whether it’s assembling food packages or aiding the homeless, these actions fill the team with pride and a greater sense of purpose. Following each opportunity, leadership takes the team out to review and reflect on the day’s events.

“By providing opportunities for employees to give back to their communities, we create a more engaged, motivated, and fulfilled workforce,” said Ragland. “By demonstrating a commitment to values, purpose, growth, and positive impact, PSI promotes a work environment for those who want to make a difference while advancing their careers.” 

Fostering Skill Development and Personal Growth

In today’s competitive job market, community service can set a team apart from the competition and send a clear message to potential employees and clients that PSI values the community with which they serve. Top talent is often drawn to organizations that prioritize corporate social responsibility.

“Our community service efforts encourage personal growth and skill development,” said Monica Dominic, PSI Chief Client Officer. “Employees often find themselves improving communication skills, stepping outside their comfort zones, and honing new talents while being of service.”

PSI Gives service initiatives not only encourage collaboration but also foster strong bonds among employees, expanding beyond the usual work tasks and improving the corporate ecosystem.

“We actively encourage our team to take time off for these activities and even allow them to bring their preferred non-profits into the fold,” said Dominic. “They can put their focus in a direction they are passionate about. In addition, all the work we do is as a team. We work together, we build together, we help together.”

Broadening Perspectives

The PSI team strongly feels that encouraging and respecting diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives leads to innovative problem solving and exceptional client outcomes. Community service exposes employees to societal issues and challenges, broadening their horizons and perspective on the world at large. As teams step outside of their comfort zones and engage with the community, they gain a deeper understanding of what it means to make a positive impact.

“PSI’s commitment to giving back is a journey taken on with passion and purpose, one that defines who we are as a company. The impact is invaluable. It shows the community and the companies in our community that we are committed to social responsibility and not just focused on making money,” said Dominic.

PSI’s impact of community service goes far beyond dollars and cents; it cements the organization’s reputation as a community-focused corporation. It signals to the central Ohio workforce and peers in the industry that PSI puts people first.

“Our PSI Gives service initiatives contribute to stronger bonds with local stakeholders and customers,” stated Dominic. “These endeavors demonstrate that PSI isn’t solely motivated by financial success; we’re driven by a genuine desire to create a meaningful impact. It also signifies our commitment to our employees, enhancing trust and loyalty.”

As PSI continues to grow and evolve, the mission and values will remain, along with a focus to contribute to an enduring community that thrives because of its strong partnerships. PSI’s motto, “Driven to Serve, Solve, Deliver,” is more than just words; it’s a guiding philosophy. To learn more about PSI Gives, visit www.psi92.com/giving-back/.