Kwesi Fred Boakye has been in partnership with PSI since November 22, 2021, when he was hired to support Cardinal Health as a Business Analyst. Fred has over six years of experience working across various sectors of the healthcare industry.

For his current project, Fred is tasked with EDI delivery implementation, which is the electronic transmission of business documents from one company’s computer application to another company’s computer application. The EDI Delivery Implementation Team at Cardinal Health is responsible for prepping EDI Request liaising with the client to validate exactly what needs to be setup per the client’s request. Fred is responsible for verifying that all of the system setups are correctly in place and working properly. He works with the client and various software vendors to resolve any issues that may arise after the system setups have been completed. Fred is also responsible for setting up any new clients on the new system.

“I have been a part of a team that has helped to reduce its backlog of customer tickets from almost 1,000 to less than 500 within a period of 3.5 months,” commented Fred. “Most importantly, I have accomplished my first custom communication/connection build between Cardinal Health and software vendor Epic Willow for its client.”

Fred explained that it was a challenge to help bring down the huge backlog of EDI requests as it approached nearly 1,000 pending requests. He had to learn several business acumens over a short period of time and deliver results in a timely fashion.

“I came to Cardinal Health with prior experience, however, there are great team members here that greeted me with a great deal of support,” he said. “Getting myself acquainted with the Cardinal team is what it’s all about and they have held my hand throughout my short journey thus far.”

He explained that Cardinal Health has a positive environment for new hires and is always providing training opportunities to keep the team informed and up-to-speed with industry trends. There are even “tea meetings” with the Director in which the team members chat and get to know each other better. Fred’s favorite thing about his job is giving support to new hires and connecting with customers to verify their requests. 

Fred also explained that PSI has reached out to him multiple times throughout the course of his contract with Cardinal Health to ensure he has had the tools needed to succeed.

“They [PSI] made my onboarding process easy and smooth without a hitch,” he said. “My paychecks have always been on time and never delayed. PSI submits you to the right clients and they follow through to make sure your hiring process is stress free.”

When asked, Fred said he would “highly recommend” PSI to his friends.