Welcome to the second installment of the Faces of PSI series!

At PSI, we embrace and support the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our team. We strongly believe this diversity leads to innovative problem-solving that accelerates the success of our employees, clients, and community.

To celebrate that diversity and shine a spotlight on the individuals behind the PSI brand, we will be sharing their stories throughout the upcoming year and beyond. We hope you enjoy getting to know the faces behind the names.

Next up, Lisa Graham, Intervention Specialist, Ohio State School for the Blind

List 3 hashtags that describe your personality


What is your favorite?

  • Company/Organization/Person to follow Run (of Run DMC) – He is the perfect balance of good father, husband, roll model, artist, and man of God.
  • TV Show and/or Movie: I am eclectic when it comes to TV shows and movies. I like The Ratchet and everything in between.
  • Food: Sushi (Philadelphia Roll with steamed shrimp, avocado and cream cheese. Also, ginger a side of spicy mayo and soy sauce.)
  • Quote: Once you accept your flaws… NO ONE can use them against you – George RR Martin

Tell us about your hobbies

I am very creative at the drop of a hat. Once I have been given an idea of what is desired, my mind does not slow down until I can make it reality. It’s a gift.

You’re happiest when?

Hanging out with my boyfriend listening to music and laughing. We have a very special vibe.

People would be surprised if they knew…

That I was a very, very shy child / teen.

What attracted you to PSI?

I was looking for a second job because I did not want to sit at home in the evening. PSI is a God send. This company has created a life for me that could not imagine. Over the past 3 years I have learned so much. Working for The Ohio State School for the Blind has given me a happiness I never knew I could have in a career. I am so blessed to be in the position I am in.

How did you get into your profession?

I have always had a love for children. I was the family babysitter for years—even into adulthood. I found out in high school that I had A.D.D. My teacher was an Intervention Specialist and the way she embraced me despite my learning disability gave me the confidence to push through. I carried all of my experience caring for children and the love she showed me through high school and decided to attend Kent State University to become an Intervention Specialist (Mild/Moderate K-12).

What aspect of your current role do you enjoy most?

The melting pot of students I encounter daily. Each student is different. I appreciate that no matter what my students go through they are always so supportive of each other. It is a humbling experience. I love my job, and the role I play in my student’s lives.

Share your best professional development tip

Always have an open mind!