We interviewed the PSI team to gauge how everyone felt the organization performed in 2021, from hard lessons learned, to top wins. Below are some of the highlights from what the team had to say:


  • Being named a top supplier at one of the top employers of contingent workers here in Columbus.
  • Acquiring 3 well known Central Ohio based organizations as clients e.g. Cardinal, Battelle, Big Lots (we have to be careful mentioning this in any outbound communication).
  • Surviving a full COVID year, working hybrid, and learning clients new ways.
  • Getting new clients!!! Cardinal Health, Big Lots, DLL, AimData, and a couple others.
  • Obtaining a high number of placements in less than 6-months time
  • Working for an amazing company that really cares about not just the business we are in and the clients we represent, but the people who work for PSI.


  • Sweat Equity contributions to adopted nonprofits, such as our partners at COSI and IMPACT.
  • Great additions to the recruiting team!
  • Learning new client needs and delivering in a strange time.
  • Attending the TechServe Conference, having the opportunity to represent PSI and speak at a couple of IT conferences, and supporting women in IT.


  • Listening to our employee and consultant population and gaining client feedback through surveys.
  • Change is okay!
  • Stay focused on PSI’s north star (core values) – it wins out every time.
  • Don’t let up on the gas. Now more than ever it takes commitment in just being there. Show up. Period.
  • There is so much to learn in the recruiting world. When it comes to technology recruiting, it is always evolving so you have to keep up with your research and sharpen your skills to keep up with the market.
  • The job market is incredibly competitive right now. Candidates do not have a long shelf life, and a lengthy interview and offer process can often lead to a great candidate moving on and accepting another position.


  • The great resignation is a real thing.
  • Plan for higher attrition than normal.
  • Promote from within whenever possible and then backfill the employee promoted with an entry level resource if possible. It goes a long way with retention and workforce development.
  • Find ways to eliminate steps in your hiring process. Candidates expect a quick seamless process and quick decisions.
  • Flexibility in remote work and compensation is an absolute must if you expect to be competitive in the talent market.
  • Be prepared to move fast. While its important to make sure you find the right person for your team, you need realize that the talent pool is moving at record speed right now and if you wait, you will lose the candidate.
  • Lean on your technology staffing partners now more than ever….we know what is happening in the work place and can help you.

PSI continue to be proud to support the central Ohio community through valuable IT staffing solutions, community involvement, and technology consulting. Thank you for an amazing 2021. We look forward to evolving in 2022 alongside our clients, developing new resolutions to ongoing challenges, and growing our team of excellent recruiters, sales associates, and administrative support.


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