Consumers are no longer driven by simple product-based messaging. Organizations that show a strong tie to a cause and their communities tend to more effectively connect with their consumer audience and see greater engagement. A mission-driven organization also provides employees with a more substantial commitment to their work outside of financial drivers. Corporate philanthropy allows a company the opportunity to embrace the community, build an empathetic work force, and strive for something greater than itself.
Organizations rooted in the community drive their mission through support and involvement with their nonprofit partners. The reason behind the success of a purpose-driven mission is the empowerment it provides those who are involved. We spoke with Monica Dominic, PSI Executive Director, Sales & Account Management, to get her perspective on corporate philanthropy within the PSI team.
“All of the service days we do at PSI are met with grateful smiles and hearts,” she said. “This feel good vibe carries on for days and even years when we think back and tell stories. PSI is dedicated to helping the community we live and thrive in. It is a mission that is not only in our company’s moto Driven to SERVE, but it is in all of our employee’s hearts. Our staff look forward to every service day we have and they start planning the next one month’s in advance. This promotes awesome energy and moral within our staff. Join us for a service day…you will see how fun and rewarding it is.”

How can corporate philanthropy help nonprofits? Money and staff are the two things that nonprofits have a consistent need for. Unfortunately, the majority of nonprofits don’t have the budget to sustain large paychecks or bonuses and often don’t have the capital to complete the projects and goals for the year. It then goes without saying that they don’t have the profit to sustain large paychecks so employees are often hard to attract and/or keep. When companies adopt an organization it often relieves some stress on staff or the budget. Corporate philanthropy allows the nonprofit to extend farther and help more.

Corporate philanthropy has many positive results within a contributing organization as well:
  1. It allows employees to spend some time giving back to a nonprofit and build internal synergy.
  2. It gives the corporation the opportunity to showcase what it does for the community and where it provides help.
  3. It helps to build the brand by showing that it is not just about words or dollars, but about outreach and support.
  4. The more companies that take the actionable step of doing, show other companies that it can and should be done.
  5. Clients like knowing the dollars they spend get funneled back into helping local charities.
  6. Having a greater purpose, especially one that aligns with an individual’s values, is a reason for choosing one employer over another.
PSI’s goals when giving back are to help the nonprofit and to give our employees an outlet that is supported and promoted by leadership. Community Responsibility is a continuing commitment by PSI to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of our local community and society at large through the “PSI Gives” Program. Thank you to our nonprofit partners for allowing us to honestly and effectively carry our our mission and build a better community.