“Not another sales person!!” or “UGH! I’ll just ignore them.” These are common expressions uttered by many senior leaders in companies across the country. The negative connotations that coincide with sales or account management are often around annoyance, lack of value, waste of time, or just out for commission. Unfortunately, these are often based on yester-years thoughts of door-to-door sales people… certainly nothing resembling a caped crusader out to help you.

Yes, in certain companies, this is the exact persona you come face-to-face with; however, this is no longer the norm. Establishing a trusted partnership with your Account Manager will bring more rewards than you can imagine. You have the power to create your very own superhero—whose sole purpose is helping you!

If the Culture Shoe Fits, Wear It!

Your Account Manager is completely connected to the culture inside your office. She knows the “type” of person that will be successful in your doors, understands the environment you’ve worked hard to maintain and will make it her business to find the right fit.

Partnering with your Account Manager in the staffing world guarantees you only interview candidates that fit the “company mold”. If you’re looking for someone who speaks two languages, likes spicy food, has big personality, and likes to dance… your Account Manager will ensure that is precisely what you get.

Time is Money, Every Moment is Costly

As a leader in your company, you are short on time and need to work smarter, not harder. When you have a gap in your team this time is even more precious as you are likely juggling your daily work plus that of the missing employee. The thought of sourcing resumes, phone screens, and horrible first interviews is daunting. You simply don’t have the time to do all of this.

Instead, reach for your phone, call your Account Manager and rest assured this work has been taken off your plate. Your Account Manager will get her team on it immediately and they will source, screen, and interview all candidates. Your Account Manager will then decide on the top two candidates and arrange interviews with you. All the monotonous work has been done. You are interviewing top talent that fit your requirements, the culture, and are ready to start.

You are the Priority

When you establish a strong trusted relationship with your Account Manager, you become their number one priority. When you call, they answer. When you ask for quick, they deliver. When you have something niche, they find it. Your Account Manager values you, and that relationship, more than you know. You will get the prime candidates, always.

As a trusted partner, your Account Manager will do whatever she can to deliver what you need. You become the “A” client. That is like receiving a frequent flier card with upgrades to first class…who doesn’t like to be pampered! The second and third level candidates never come to your company. You will always get the best-of-the-best. Period.

You got a problem? YO, I’ll solve it!

Your problem becomes the top issue on your Account Managers list. The moment you call your Account Manager with an issue, she flips into problem solving mode. The minute that phone hangs up, your Account Manager starts working on a resolution. If there is a contractor issue, she calls a meeting, addresses the issue, coaches to improvement, and performs regular follow up. Her priority is fixing and resolving so that you are happy.

The bottom line is that your Account Manager wants to be a value for you, your personal caped crusader. Someone that you can use to help you do your job better. Wearing a Batman superhero cape is something that your Account Manager longs for and they will go the distance to get it. You have a Bat-phone, use it!

Ready to find your personal caped crusader? Contact us to discover how partnering with PSI can help save the day!