“According to me, PSI is the only company which really cares about its consultants as their own employees. The main thing that I liked is the way they prepared the candidates to be successful in the interview, right from the resume preparation to the interview briefing and some small tips that can really make a huge impact. Unlike other vendors, they know what the client’s expectations are and proceed accordingly.” – PSI’s Consultant

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A large local university was in need of help with a project focused on migrating the legacy Peoplesoft data into Workday (a Cloud based ERP system). PSI provided a consultant who was familiar with the project parameters having worked on a similar project dealing with XML files. PSI handled the back-office support for the consultant, allowing the client to focus on the project at hand.

The goal of the project was to reduce the cost of overhead and maintain the current Peoplesoft system.

“Whenever there is an upgrade of the Peoplesoft system, all of its components, databases and applications need to be migrated to a higher version which involves a lot of cost to the project,” commented the consultant. “After it is migrated to Workday, the maintenance cost will be relatively less… it also has the faster retrieval of data from Workday.”

PSI’s consultant proposed the university use the DataStage ETL tool which has all of the capabilities to achieve the goals set in their conversion project. PSI’s consultant worked on some of the complex conversions, like suppliers and purchase items, that contributed to the supply chain data. PSI’s consultant also contributed to customer, location and payroll tax mapping to improve the overall process.


Overall, the consultant was successful in achieving the following goals set out for the project:

1. Reduced Cost

2. Made the process easy with less maintenance

3. Faster retrieval of data

4. Reduced man power

5. More user friendly

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