A major local university contacted PSI for assistance building a single, shared system that could provide a clearer picture of university business and increase the effectiveness of the business processes. PSI provided a consultant with expertise in the field and recommended the university utilize Workday software for the project. PSI managed the back office support for the consultant so the university could focus on the project at hand.

Workday is administrative technology that will serve as a single system for the university’s business operations in finance, human resources, payroll and supply chain. Workday is an industry leader and earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating in 2016. It ranks the highest among enterprise application vendors. The client will be able to utilize Workday around the following topics:

  1. Asset Management
  2. Gifts
  3. Expenses and Spend
  4. Authorizations
  5. Period Close
  6. Claim on Cash
  7. General Funds

…and more

The objectives for the project included:

• A clearer picture of university business to champion strategic decision-making.

• A place to house various administrative processes in a single system in order to have one place for faculty and staff to conduct tasks.

• Easy access to manage real-time information, anytime and anywhere.

• Regular updates introducing new capabilities to the entire enterprise at once.


The project successfully resulted in increased overall effectiveness of the business processes. A template for the entire team was presented to use allowing for more efficient communications. The system was set up for regular updates, providing cutting-edge technology solutions. The Workday software provided improved storage and cross-functional department reporting.


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