A local major medical provider is leading the way in medical advancement and is at the forefront of academic research.

With a team of more than 23,000, this client is driven by a mission to improve health in Ohio and across the world through innovation in research, education and patient care.

The Risk Assessment team needed additional bandwidth to increase the number of monthly assessment reports in order to reduce backlog, and more efficiently meet the needs of the medcenter. Since each team member can complete around 10 risk assessment reports in a month, it can be timely getting to the more demanding applications. PSI provided a consultant to securely improve the process.

The main objective of the project was to reduce risk, prevent data loss and maintain client/patient trust. PSI provided a consultant to help improve efficiency in the clients data recovery process as well as preventing any breach of sensitive data, especially PHI (protected health information).

In the six months PSI’s consultant has been working on the project she has already successfully provided a drastic reduction in turnaround time with the client’s reports. The consultant was also successful in accomplishing the following:

  • Risk reduction
  • Maintained security of PHI
  • Prevented any data loss

“PSI has been supportive, helpful, and in general excellent to work with. I’m very happy with the role I’m in.”

–PSI Consultant

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