Bath & Body Works is an international company that sells personal care and beauty products in more than 1,700 North American stores and has nearly 300 stores in countries around the globe. Their mission is to make the world a brighter, happier place through the power of fragrance. 

Bath & Body Works reached out to PSI to provide a consultant who had expertise in transitioning their systems to an agile workflow as well as modernizing the website. The initial website was clunky, and required having to write code in order to update any content.

PSI provided a Front End Web Developer to break up the homepage into reusable modules and components, making it more feasible for the sales team to utilize it.

The main objective of the project was to set the stages involved in developing an application from ideation to completion.

The consultant joined an agile pilot team including UX, QA, product, front end and full stack developers. The team has been working diligently on the home page and user login screen improving the functionality to make it more feasible for the team to update. 


PSI’s consultant has been successful in staying on track with the development team to have the entire homepage restructured by the end of this year. The team has also customized Salesforce throughout the course of the project. The measurable results include:

  1. Transitioned website to agile workflow
  2. Built a more efficient platform for internal updates
  3. Successful development of application 
  4. Prevention of any bugs or malfunctions

“We’ve had a lot of success transitioning to agile workflow even though it’s only been a short time. The rest of the company seems to be excited and impressed with our progress towards modernizing the website.” – PSI Consultant