The Finance Office at a major local university had gone through several staff changes and was in need of realignment. PSI provided a consultant who was a former employee of the department for 33 years. She was asked to step in on an interim basis to help get the department back on track.

PSI provided personnel management of the consultant so the department could focus on the project at hand.

PSI’s consultant started immediately and due to her extensive experience in the department was able to step in and begin working without any training.

“I was called in to clean up and continue processing billing payments for a large number of bills that were the result of the department taking over the communications support for the College of Agriculture, including the extension offices in each of the 88 counties in Ohio,” she said.

The Goals:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Better utilize assets
  • Enable the Extension Staff to access university networks and share information more efficiently
  • Give the Extension Offices a more reliable and secure network

PSI’s consultant worked to keep the staff who were engaged in the technical aspects of the project informed of the department status.

The Results:

  1. Networks were streamlined and upgraded across all platforms to ensure there was only one billable service
  2. All phones were moved to Skype, and all lines were cleaned up and removed as needed to eliminate additional costs
  3. Proper communication to staff was provided including the tools for support should any issues occur with the new system
  4. Department directors were provided budget and billing updates

“I looked for ways I could help staff in other areas such as networking and telecommunications, to take the cleanup work and some of the administrative things off of their plates so they could focus more on the technical aspects of the project.” – PSI Consultant

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