Later in the month of October, PSI team members met at COSI – Center of Science and Industry in Columbus for a COVID-19-safe volunteer opportunity. The team built Space Kits filled with educational science experiments that would be donated to Franklin County Children Services.

The science experiments contained in the boxes were sponsored by NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration and were designed to provide kids in need with a hands-on-learning experience focused on space exploration. Each box had various supplies to teach participants how to make a rocket launch, build a parachute, and create a moon surface.

The Columbus-based science museum has been closed since the early onset of COVID-19, but they still wanted to help children in the community learn and grow. The project for Franklin County Children Services would provide youth in the community who might have supervised visitation with a parent, or who are in foster care or without parents, the opportunity to experiment.

As expected, COVID-19 presented a few challenges during the event. The PSI team adhered to the new normal, though, and buckled down to help children in the community.

“It was socially-distanced, masked-up, gloved-up, and super fun!” said Monica Dominic, PSI Executive Director of Sales and Account Management. “We had to meet outside, be escorted in, and we weren’t able to get a tour – which we usually get at any nonprofit we support. Then, we had to be apart from each other and in a station. This was hard on us because we usually love the camaraderie and team building. We all were sanitized, masked, gloved, and separated. But we had music and snacks. We were all dancing and singing while we were working. At the very end we asked if we could “build the boxes”….so we took all of the pieces that each station had been working on and we put together over 100 space kits.”

Every quarter PSI makes it a goal to incorporate community outreach into their schedules. With COVID-19 disrupting the world this year, the team had to put events like this on hold for a few months.

“We typically choose a couple different Columbus area nonprofits to support,” said Monica. “Monty heard about a community support project that COSI was working on and he thought we could help.” Monty Regland, PSI Vice President of Client Delivery, sits on the Board for COSI.

The PSI team had a blast creating opportunities for youth to learn and grow while supporting valuable local organizations in need. Those looking to get in touch with PSI for additional community support can call 614-454-6488.