Tom Falzone

With a BA in business administration, a Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM1) certification, and an extensive background in the technology industry, project management, and operations, Tom’s skills have been utilized on a multitude of levels for PSI, contributing to the company’s overall success.

Tom was first discovered years ago by Ron Carter, a former executive and current board member of PSI.

“Ron and I worked together in the past and he has a vision of creating more project/deliverable based work and he knew that my experience would lend itself to that type of work,” said Tom. “I started as a 1099 contractor with PSI but eventually transitioned into a full-time role.”

His first assignment was with a project at the Franklin County Data Center. After successfully completing the project, and several others, PSI decided to launch a Business Technology Consulting division focusing on project-based work. Tom was instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

How Tom makes his Impact

“We have had clients such as the Franklin County Data Center, Franklin County Clerk of Courts, Franklin County Treasurer, State of Ohio Jobs and Family Services, State of Ohio Department of Commerce, State of Ohio Department of Education and my current client Franklin County Auditor,” said Tom. “I have been working for FCA for over 7 years.”

Tom explains the best part of his work is being able to help his clients solve problems. Once he has a certain level of trust, he can also help them shape a strategy that best suits their needs.
The work doesn’t come without challenges, however, as Tom explains sometimes getting to know new clients with each new assignment takes time.

“As someone who puts a premium on relationship building, having to “start over” in each new assignment is a challenge,” Tom said.

Life Outside of the Office

In his spare time, Tom spends time with his wife of 18 years and two children. He has a 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son who both play sports and are involved in various other activities.

“I spend quite a bit of time as coach, supporter and chauffeur,” said Tom. “I have previously coached flag football, soccer, and I have been a Cub Scout leader.”

The Current State of the World

If Tom has any advice for individuals struggling during this time of transition, he suggests simply being careful and communicating.

“We are being asked to stay home, wear personal protection, wash our hands and commonly touched surfaces, and keep social distancing,” he said. “These measures are very annoying and many feel that they are overkill, but my thoughts are that there isn’t much being asked of us. These are certainly inconveniences but even if they help to save a single life, it is worth it.”

During these troubling times, Tom explains work from PSI has been a light of hope and stability. There was much initial fear of job loss, among other more surreal fears. PSI leaders were very fast to act, getting everyone set up to perform their duties from home.

“I have never been more proud to be a part of PSI,” Tom said.