Executive Oversight

PSI provides strategic direction on the use of technology resources for our clients.

Executive Oversight

“We facilitate the execution of our clients’ most challenging technology strategies leading to successful outcomes.”

PSI’s role is one of facilitating the development of the strategic direction and providing oversight to ensure information technology resources are used and appropriately managed within the confines of that direction. In part, PSI fulfills its responsibility by engaging in opportunity selections and then overseeing the portfolio of selections that have been made. Simplified, PSI oversees the pre-selection, selection, control and evaluation of strategic and designated IT projects and procurements to support enterprise business objectives.

Organizational Change and Transformation

PSI assists organizations in formulating the strategy and the plans for transforming their technical organization, structure and processes, lead change, collaborate, build consensus across the organization for the transformation, and to assist in communicating and executing the changes.

M&A Technology Integration Planning Strategy

PSI prefers starting as early as possible in the business merger processes so that we can understand the strategic goals behind a potential deal and can prepare to support those goals. We undertake a deliberate planning process in order to develop a realistic, detailed road map for the many steps in IT integration along with the optimum sequencing of those steps.

Project Portfolio Management Strategy

The goal of a project based organization is to invest in the best possible set of projects. The “best” portfolio is the one that is expected to return the most value, taking risk into account. PSI helps clients with crafting Project Portfolio Strategy that empowers clients to make sound, high-quality decisions, through a disciplined, well-reasoned, decision-making logic.

Independent Verification and Validation

Here we believe that the client determines quality. Our IV&V Services are designed to help companies optimize their quality management. PSI takes a strategic approach to quality management, helping clients to improve business agility while reducing costs and business and technical risks. We work with clients to optimize their existing IT investments, integrate new approaches and address quality from a business perspective.

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