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Data Scientist Builds Infrastructure with AEP
Data Scientist Builds Infrastructure with AEP

Data Scientist Builds Infrastructure with AEP

The Background

AEP transmission invests a significant amount of resources for manned helicopters to fly T-Lines every year and collect survey-grade LiDAR point clouds and color imagery. Inspectors walk lines and stations on a routine basis for preventative maintenance and compliance purposes.

As drones are becoming more accessible and regulations are becoming more defined, the technology has become a spotlight for teams across the industry to provide improved data quality and images.

The Approach

In order for AEP to comply with current requirements and incorporate drone technology at a competitive rate, the company partnered with PSI with a Data Scientist research various resources to incorporate in everyday operations.


  1. Identify technologies that could collect the data needed at rates competitive with the current vendors list.
  2. Bring vendors in for on-site demos, and share results of their capabilities with AEP teams most interested in the data.
  3. Identify the recommended vendors or technologies to move forward with in everyday operations.

The Results

Successfully identified drone manufacturers to provide the equipment needed to meet Engineering specs.

Partnered with several new vendors.

Improved efficiency by outlining logistics of operating the technologies, as well as verified the workflow to get the data to the teams that need it.

Standardized processes of on-boarding and contract management and minimized risks of the utilization of manufactured drones.

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