Case Studies
Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

M&A Systems Integration Assessment Project

The Background

Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (HSI) purchased a long-time PSI client, Modern Medical. Healthcare Solutions engaged PSI to provide senior-level technology and organizational management expertise. This included an “as is” and “to be” assessment of both company’s information systems and IS staff and deliver an Integration/Separation recommendation plan to maximize potential synergies of systems and resources.

The Approach

The first step was to ensure that critical business discussions and planning happened. The goal of the planning phase was to break the task of integrating two companies into a series of smaller IT projects. Next we mapped both company’s architecture, a key to a successful integration. We then examined the cultural differences between the two companies that if not addressed could be a ticking bomb. Once the plan was complete, the integration work began in earnest.

The Results

PSI, in concert with the client’s Operations and IT teams executed the Integration/Separation plan while maintaining business continuity and delivered significant synergy savings. The HSI/MMI IT M&A execution was a question of setting the right pace at the right time and communicating what synergies and cost savings were realistically achievable.

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