Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our Business Intelligence solutions use effective systems of insight to turn the clutter of big data into action. Data maturity evaluation, strategic consulting and performance tuning are just a few methods that we use to increase overall efficiency and meet business demands for our clients.

Business Intelligence and Analytics
“We translate diverse data sources into meaningful insights that enhance business-critical decision making.”

PSI is ready to take your business to the next level by harnessing raw, unused data and turning it into dynamic tools that increase ROI, provide accurate analysis measurements and keep your company ahead of the competition—and closer to your goals. No matter the industry, we at PSI are determined to take your company to the next level.

Strategy and Roadmap

Business Intelligence solutions are essential to keeping companies well informed and overall improve business decision making. For us, BI solutions aren’t just about the technology, but rather the information and digital insights that the solutions deliver. PSI assists enterprises in the development of Business Intelligence Strategy that enables organizations to accurately measure their performance, competitive advantages, and give valuable insight into their client’s needs using data mining and statistics.

Architecture Design

We transform raw data into usable information that supports BI solutions and focuses on digital data storage. Our architecture design incorporates a set of frameworks that organize data, management, and digital components that we use to build BI systems. We deliver an architecture that can continually be expanded to greater functionality, scalability, and seamless integration emphasizing long term flexibility while satisfying immediate market requirements.

Data Model Analysis (Maturity, Integrity and Flow)

At the initial stage of the Enterprise Data Management Maturity Model, confusion reigns. Further compounding the problem is that most organizations defend their state of denial surrounding the quality and usefulness of their corporate data. PSI works with our clients to implement effective Data Management FrameworksTM that support Continuous Maturity ModelsTM, Continous Integrity ConfigurationsTM and Intelligent Data Flow Visualizations.

Delivery Mechanisms (Reporting, Dash boarding and Subscriptions)

PSI stands at the corner of information and action. We understand that the way data is delivered affects understanding and decision making. Bringing focus to a core portal of data, we create an environment that provides flexibility for data consumers to explore and hone in on insights. We build business intelligence tailored to the individual needs of your information consumers.

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