Case Studies
Franklin County Auditor
Franklin County Auditor

Real Estate Management System (RMS) Project

The Background

The Franklin County Auditor had an existing project in flight to implement the Integrated Real Estate Tax Accounting Software (RMS). RMS is a modular system, enabling it to operate as a tightly integrated turn-key solution just as well as it can as individual, stand-alone components. From property management to computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA), tax billing, extension, collection, and excise tax management, RMS is a one stop solution for revenue management needs. PSI awarded contract to provide Project Advisory and Management Support Services to deliver the project.

The Approach

PSI approach; assess current state of project, explicitly define the goals and critical success factors for the project team and work rapidly to gain consensus and commitment about the business functionality, the business benefits and the priorities for each major piece of functionality and data source. Keep the stakeholders focused on the business case, functionality and data requirements critical to project success. PSI translated client’s vision to a solution that was based on a clear set of business priorities that could be quickly implemented.

The Results

Project went live. Software processes over $1 billion dollars of transactions annually. PSI extended to manage out-of-scope parking lot tasks and enhancements.

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